Supernova Graffiti Style Rhino Ornament


Supernova Rhino Ornament.

Measures approx: 34cm length, 17cm height and 11cm depth.

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Introducing our stunning supernova rhino ornament, a unique and eye-catching piece that will elevate any home decor! This striking ornament features a magnificent rhinoceros, beautifully crafted in a supernova style, with swirling patterns and bursts of vibrant colour.
The rhino’s majestic presence is captured in intricate detail from it’s sturdy legs to it’s powerful horn.

Made from high quality resin, ensuring it’s durability and longevity, it is a versatile decor piece that can be displayed on shelves, mantels or desks, adding a touch of personality and character to any room.
whether you’re a fan of wildlife or just looking for a unique conversation starter, our supernova rhino ornament is the perfect choice, with it’s exquisite design and impecable craftsmanship, it’s sure to be a standout piece in your home decor collection.

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