Large Supernova Graffiti Style Bulldog Ornament


Large Supernova Graffiti Stle Bulldog Ornament.

Dimensions: 46x33x44cm

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Introducing our cosmic bulldog supernova graffiti ornament!
Unleash the explosive energy of art with this larger than life bulldog figurine. A dazzling fusion of street art and cosmic wonders, it is guaranteed to be the star of any room.


-Massive size, standing at an impressive 46cm high, this bulldog ornament demands attention and dominates any space it occupies.
-Supernova graffiti style, with vibrant colours, intricate graffiti designs and cosmic elements that mimic the dazzling brilliance of a supernova explosion.
-Durable and detailed. Crafted from high quality resin, this ornament captures every wrinkle, muscle and detail of a bulldog, ensuring a lifelike and sturdy masterpiece.
-Eye catching centerpiece, whether you’re an art enthusiast, a dog lover or a cosmic explorer, the cosmic bulldog is a conversation starter and a symbol of a limitless creativity.

Bring the raw energy of the streets and the beauty of the cosmos into your home or office. The supernova bulldog ornament is not just a decoration, it’s a statement piece that reflects your bold personality and appreciation for art.

Unleash the power of the universe with the “cosmic” bulldog and order yours today to let your space shine like a supernova!

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