Happy Stones


Italian lava rock infused with an intricate blend of uplifting essential oils to enhance positive mood and boost feelings of emotional well-being.


  • Freshly Cut Grass
  • Vanilla
  • Hemp Oil
  • Bright Citrus Notes
  • Bergamot
  • Pettigrain
  • Frankincense

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How to Use

Simply open the lid of the jar and let the power of aromatherapy work its magic.

How Long Do The Stones Last?

Forever, simply top up every few weeks with the happy stone oil.

How Long does the Fragrance Last?

Each jar of stones comes already infused with up to 3 months of fragrance. But don’t worry, you can top-up the fragrance for up to an additional 6 months with the Emotif refill oil.  Just add 1-2 capfuls, when needed, to keep the aroma levels at their most effective.



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