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Our famous exfoliating sponges:

They are packed full of soap in your favourite fragrance, be it aftershave, perfume or sweets and cakes!

One sponge lasts up to 5 weeks using daily

Saves money on shower gels soaps and body scrubs not to mention exfoliating gloves and flannels

When used daily your body is left feeling fresher than ever before.

I have spent fortunes on big name e doki sting products over the years do THOUGHT my skin was well exfoliated x I now feel totally ripped off after using the sponge for the first time! Best thing ever ever and my skin has never felt this fresh

They can be used in the face as lots of customers do this but we would advise you do a small area patch test first

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These sponges are shown as simply “similar to” and by stating this we are explaining that the products are similar in aroma or style to a well-known brand. It is important that you recognise that the actual fragrance brand trademarks, copyrights & all other aspects of the actual fragrance remain the property of the actual branded fragrance manufacturer/creator/designer and we have no affiliation with the manufacturers/creator/designer of the actual fragrance or brand.

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Lots of customers have reported that they have helped with acne too but they are not a guarantee

They strip the body of dry dead skin leaving it in tip top condition and as smooth as a baby’s skin!

When you venture into the sun you will get the best tan! An even all over tan without patches.  The sponges also help suffered of prickly heat according to customer reviews!

The sponges are loaded with hand made glycerin enriched soap . By exfoliating using the scrubby side you remove dead skin cells which encourages the healthy skin to flourish. The soap itself has moisturizing qualities so using that along side skin creams and sun creams you have the base for healthy skin that doesn’t react to the sun which is what causes prickly heat

You MUST use plenty of sun cream as always when sunbathing.

The sponges are also great for removing stubborn false tan.

And on the other hand they prep the body for having a spray tan ….. again no patches or streaks.

The citronella also keep pesky mosquitos away!!!!!

As with any high street product these ARE NOT a guarantee. Every person is different and will get different results.

I myself still get bites after using citronella. However my tan is the best it has ever been!

All products are handmade and therefore may not be in stock.  Production of these may take up to a week.

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