Pumice Stones


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Fragranced Soap Pumice.  Use dry to treat the feet and rub dry skin away, then wet the soap to clean the feet.

As these products are handmade, they may vary in colour to the above photo.

Also, as they are handmade, it is near-impossible to have every single fragrance in stock at any one time. We endeavour to give you your exact request.  However, if not possible, we may, on occasion, substitute the fragrance to the nearest possible scent, so as not to delay your order.

Please bear this in mind when placing your order.

These pumices are shown as simply “similar to” and by stating this we are explaining that the products are similar in aroma or style to a well-known brand. It is important that you recognise that the actual fragrance brand trademarks, copyrights & all other aspects of the actual fragrance remain the property of the actual branded fragrance manufacturer/creator/designer and we have no affiliation with the manufacturers/creator/designer of the actual fragrance or brand.

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